Bullet Journal: Trying Something New

It’s been awhile, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t been meaning to write more! I had to wait until I didn’t have something pressing or imminent to do for school. I mean, I still do, but I can at least ignore it (for now).

About a week ago, I discovered a system called the Bullet Journal. I’ve been not so pleased with pre-made planners in the past, as I skip days constantly, and the covers of the spiral planners keep on falling off when I take them places in my backpack. The lack of room on some days, too much room on others leads to the pages feeling cramped or wasteful. But not with…


All you need is an empty notebook and a pen. It is a free form, personalized system to stay organized and on top of things. First off, the journal.

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I bought this journal from Minted before I decided to do this, mainly because I wanted to and I love spending money. It has my name on it! Totally worth $20. It has graph paper in it (my favorite) and no spirals. Its about 40 pages.


The first page should be an index or table of contents, but it doesn’t have to be. That’s what is so great. This is where you write down what is on each page, for future reference. There are many types of pages to create, the main ones being the Future Log, Month At A Glance, and Weekly/Daily Logs.


These are my first two pages after the index. The Future Log keeps track of things that are a few months out, so you can remember to add them to the Month At A Glance when that month arrives. Make sure to note July 26, as it is my birthday.

I am not really satisfied with my Month AAG for April. I was experimenting with not using a constraining grid system, but then I realized that I didn’t have enough space to write in the days of the week, and its hard to distinguish weeks, so I will try a new idea next month. That’s what is so great! You get to make a system that works for your schedule, and how you live life.



Sorry its sideways; I can’t fix it, or I don’t know how. The Weekly Log is where you put tasks , events, notes, and thoughts. Each of those categories is denoted by a specific starting icon. I don’t have any events this week, but that would be marked with an empty circle, tasks are a dot (! for important things due on a specific day), and notes are dashes, which I don’t have yet either. You can do weekly things like this, or daily logs that are separate from each other if you have a lot of things to do.

I took this picture early in the week, so today I have a lot more things added and many things crossed off. The system makes me more productive because I really want to finish tasks so I can X them out.

Another feature that I have not used yet in the picture is scheduling and migrating tasks. You can make a bullet for a task:

•make a blog post

then when you find time in the week, you can schedule it:

<make a blog post: tuesday

If it doesn’t get done on schedule, but the task is still worth completing, you can migrate it to next week.

>make a blog post

Each change is marked by a different icon, to keep track. Migrating helps identify tasks that are unnecessary, and simplifies your workload by making sure only essentials transfer to the next list.


Once these are made, there is room for any other lists or pages that you need. Because the weekly/daily logs can be placed wherever they need to be, that leaves extra room for the non-schedule parts of your life.

You will notice on the last picture, I have a schedule of when I’m working (which I am right now, in fact). I also made a habit tracker, so I can remember what needs to be done, and evaluate at the end of the month what things I need to make a priority or get rid of.image4

I also have a list of things to be grateful for, since its easier to get through the day when you acknowledge that good things actually did happen. Most of my things so far are food I got to eat and classes getting let out early. I lead a simple life.

Obviously I am just getting started and things could be better organized or more pretty, but I like what I have going so far. I like crossing off tasks and making notes and having something to write in everyday, that I don’t feel constrained by. Maybe it can help you too!

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Sending organized and calm thoughts,